Monthly Archives: April 2013

Leaping Ahead


Each of us has the freedom to live as we choose. When we make a choice it is backed by all of the will, purpose and law in the universe. How exciting! Since there are no limits to the law there are no limits to our lives. We all have the potential to create a great life for ourselves.

So, one might ask, “Why aren’t we all living the great life?” The simple answer is that our beliefs limit us. The law operates on our beliefs we believe them, not as we wish them to be. In short, believing comes before change. If we want to live a great life, we need to expect good everywhere. We need to live with the constant expectation that something good is about to happen. Ernest Holmes tells us, “Faith in a certain specific statement has the power to oppose, neutralize, erase, and obliterate the opposite mental attitude.” If we want more we need to begin right now, right where we are.

It’s wonderful to know we are in charge of our lives. There are no victims. No matter what has transpired before we can move in a new direction. Change your thinking, change your life- it really works. The great irony is that if we think we are powerless, then we are. Know right now that you have a divine center that is ready, willing and able to join with you to bring forth a wonder-filled life now and forevermore.     

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