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The late Robert Schuller advocated of “possibility thinking.” He said it allowed us to focus on what could be, rather than what might be.  When we envision our success we can see great results. Let me give you two examples: A POW who was imprisoned for years visualized every day that he was playing on his favorite golf course. He saw himself taking every shot and breaking par. Upon his release the first time he played the course he did break par something he had never done before. The second example involves a concert pianist who was imprisoned in China for five years. A week after his release he did a concert and played better than ever. When asked how he could do this after being away for five years he replied, “I played every day in my head.”

If we want an extraordinary life we must reach for it. We must be willing to make some sacrifices and believe we will be successful. Tama Kieves writes that she is willing to leave behind common sense because she doesn’t want a common life. She wants a life of, “Meaning, grace, abundance and fireworks.” Don’t we all? But that life doesn’t just happen, it takes commitment to pursuing it. 

Rachel Remen writes how a resident in psychiatry asked to sit in on one of her sessions. The session involved a former gang member who had many tattoos telling her how much he loved his dying wife and how her love had healed and transformed him. He spoke very tenderly about their relationship. At some point the young doctor put down his pen and pad and tears filled his eyes. When Rachel asked him what he had learned he said, “We are all more than we seem.” How true that is, our life’s work is about going into the world and demonstrating it. 


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