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Never the Same River


There is an old adage that one can never step in the same river twice, because each time you put your feet in the previous water has flowed past, so you are stepping into a new or different body of water. In simple terms you can’t stop change.

Brene Brown tells us we can thrive on change. In fact without uncertainty no one would ever start a new business or take the risk of loving someone new. We need to trust that on a deep level everything is unfolding perfectly, and we need to accept all the pain and beauty that life holds for us. Years ago I was having a very difficult time making a life changing decision, whether or not to end a long standing relationship. While I was struggling with the decision, my partner thinking she was hurrying me along did something so hurtful to me that the decision made itself. During one of the most painful moments of my life the universe was giving me the perfect opportunity to learn a lesson and take a step that would lead me to a better life.

Dealing with change is never easy. But we really have no choice; we either grow or move into denial which leads to more pain and more lessons. We are amazingly resilient. If you believe you can change you will. Eric Butterworth reminds us, “When you believe you can do it, the how to develops.” In other words when we have the faith and commitment to meet change head on the universe will assist us. The path will be lighted.

I read recently that researchers from two universities were able to predict who would drop out of the freshmen class at West Point with a greater degree of accuracy than the admission office. The admissions office measured:  SAT scores, achievement, leadership and physical prowess. The researchers based their choices on only one criterion, grit. Michael Bernard Beckwith says it wonderfully, “Today, consciously incline your inner ear and listen to the call of your heart. Listen and say “yes.” More good than you can imagine is in store for those who give up the little sense of self for the Self.”           

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