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Beyond Separation


Ernest Holmes wrote, “There is no individual good. Good is universal. There is no exclusive salvation. All the good there is belongs alike to each.” In other words we are all in this together, brothers and sisters in God. When we learn to give up judgments and to look beyond appearances we can find true happiness and joy.

Parker Palmer wrote, “If I were asked for two words to summarize the habits of the heart American citizens need in response to twenty-first century conditions, I would choose chutzpah and humility. By chutzpah I mean knowing I have a voice that needs to be heard and the right to speak. By humility I mean accepting the fact that my truth is always partial and may not be true at all, so I need to listen with openness and respect, especially to “the other” as much as I need to speak my own voice with clarity and conviction.”

I read recently that there is a Native American tradition in some tribes where one person is designated as the “Faith Keeper.” It is this person’s role to remain centered no matter what happens. Even if everyone else is in fear or there is great dissention in the tribe this person remains centered. So obviously then centering is a choice, a choice that each of us can make anytime. No matter what the world condition or what we are experiencing we can remain centered in God, love, compassion and forgiveness it’s all up to us.

Several years ago I wrote a piece for my center titled “The Voice” it is on our web site, this is a part of it,

We are the Center for Spiritual Living Space Coast. We believe that each of us hears our own divine voice that needs to be honored,
blessed, and nurtured. We are here for you, not to put our words to your voice, or to tell you how to live. We are here to support you on your journey. Our mission is to honor the sacred in all of us, to love you just as you are, and to be present as you continue to unfold into the beauty that God wants you to be.
We respect all traditions; each has its own truth. We know there are many paths to the One Source, and we bless all of them. We are not about dogma. We are about love and the freedom to be what you are called to be.
We seek the wisdom of the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad-Gita. All of the master teachers from Jesus to Buddha, from Mohammed to Gandhi, are respected in our house. Our founder Ernest Holmes reminded us, “To be open at the top,” because truth is everywhere.
Perhaps we can help you see your own truth more clearly, or hear the voice with greater clarity – not our voice but your voice.
For me it speaks to the need to be open and loving to all people and to accept everyone where they are. When we do perhaps we can end the strife and suffering that envelope our world. As Ernest Holmes reminds us, “The Universe does not demand suffering. Suffering is man made through ignorance. It will continue until man learns to make it negative in his experience. Someday we shall decide that we have had enough suffering.”

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