Monthly Archives: October 2014

Choose Wisely

Deepak Chopra wrote, “You and I are essentially infinite choice makers, in every moment of our existence, we are in that field of infinite possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.” To access that field I believe we need to move within so we may tune into our divine nature.

In the Bible, Paul reminds us to, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” We must change; allow our divinity to transcend our humanity. To be born again simply means to move to a higher state of consciousness. When we do, the choices we see are multiplied.

Louise Hay has an affirmation that states, “I see my patterns and I choose to make changes.” We are always at choice. We can make the decision to change our life or to stay where we are. What is so affirming for me is that it is never too late to make the choice to change, and whenever we do make the decision Spirit waits to work with us.

So what do we need to change, the patterns and beliefs we have lived with all our life? We have gotten thousands of messages in a life time, many of them came when we were young and could not make choices for ourselves, and now years later those messages stay locked in our subjective mind as the voice of authority, and they control our life. Periodically we need to ask ourselves, “Who is running me?” When we see that we are living with beliefs that no longer serve we must make the decision to let them fall away and replace them with more relevant belief systems. Then we are living the life we were meant to live not someone else’s idea of who and what we should become.

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