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Standing Guard at the Temple Gate

Simply stated The Law of Attraction can be defined as the axiom, “What goes around comes around.” What we put out into the universe returns to us. We create the events and circumstances of our life. Ernest Holmes teaches that we all form patterns in our mind until we change them. And our hope lies in the fact we can. Perhaps not in a moment but with diligence and perseverance we can.

Our attitudes about life return to us. Louise Hay tells us what we think about life and ourselves returns to us. If we think we aren’t lovable that’s what we will find. If we rethink that and believe we are lovable that is what we experience.

The Bible is full of stories and parables that demonstrate this principle. When Jesus speaks about not putting old wine in new wine skins or relates the parable of the Pearl, the point he is making is that we need to release what does not serve and take on new ideas. We can’t patch up our thinking while we hold on to old thoughts. We need to throw away the old and put on the new. When we find superior ways to think we bring forth great good into our lives.

Joel Goldsmith tells us that an infinite storehouse resides within us, and it pours Itself forth as we need it. There is a power within us that can fulfill all our desires. Our thoughts direct this power through our mental activity. So, as we change our thinking we change our life. I love how Jerry and Esther Hicks describe it, “The Law of Attraction isn’t your friend or enemy. It just is. It attracts more of what you are thinking to you.” Simple yet profound.

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