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Heart on Fire


Ernest Holmes wrote, “Every longing and yearning you have ever had, every secret desire of your soul, every constructive ambition you have ever had, is a whispering of this Life assuring you that you are one with it.” In other words, if you have a dream it’s not some random thought, it’s been divinely implanted, and that being the case when we reach toward that dream, Spirit is bound to assist us in attaining it.

Some things we can do to bring our dreams into reality are:

  • Write a vision statement. Write it as though you are living it right now and step into it. My wife did this several years ago and her vision led us to a move to a new home and spiritual center.
  • Build a team to assist you—bring together a team of friends, family or clergy who you know support your vision. A while back I was asked to help a friend by being on her “board.” I was honored and glad to do it.
  • Release relationships where people do not support you and create negativity in your life.
  • Be willing to start small. Many successful businesses began as someone’s weekend hobby.
  • Ask yourself what step can I take right now? Then take the step. 

Rabbi Irwin Kula writes that we participate in Genesis every day when we wake up and become a part of the rhythm of life. We can consciously participate in the creative process.  He continues, “We are answering that overwhelming, wondrous, yearning to be creative, to contribute something of value, to make a difference.”  To do all that we must act. It’s never too late to begin. Remember when you do the greatest power in the universe is standing right with you, not just cheering but  working right along with you. Not a bad partner to have on any journey.          

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