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Room with a View

Two men are sharing a hospital room. One is near the window and the other cannot see out, so the first man describes all he sees in the passing world. One day the fellow near the window passes away and his roommate asks if he can move to the window. His wish is granted and when he looks out the window he sees it faces a brick wall. His friend was trying to keep his spirits up by painting beautiful pictures for him. Many times in our life when we are feeling discouraged we forget to see the beauty in life and ignore all that life can offer us. When we see with spiritual eyes even the most mundane becomes extraordinary.

River Jordan wrote, “This day, this moment we can choose to open our eyes to the spiritual beauty of the world and to behold those around us as they really are in all their broken glory. It’s a gift to be able to do so, but it’s also a decision.” We get to choose how we perceive life. If we have a positive outlook towards life and we have love in our heart we have everything. If we view life with a negative attitude we have nothing.

A reporter once asked Mother Teresa what it feels like to be called a living saint. She replied, “Holiness is not just for a few people. It’s for everyone including you sir.” When we look through spiritual eyes we can see holiness everywhere and in everyone. In the words of the song we can know wherever we are, “We are standing on Holy Ground.” A friend of mine lost two people she was close to last week. She wrote, “Life is so fragile. Never take a day or even a moment for granted. Don’t wait to tell those around them you love them.”

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