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On Holy Ground


In her book, “Barefoot on Holy Ground,” Gloria Karpinski writes, “Take off your shoes; the place where you stand is holy ground,” said God to Moses. “It is now being said to you and me. Let go of the past, let go of limitations and pretensions. Stand barefoot wherever you are, and you will see that every space and every moment is sacred.” There are many holy places around the world. Yet we need not travel anywhere to meet with God. Wherever we are God is present. The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t a physical place it is a state of being. In order to experience we must be present, paying attention to life as it unfolds.

Caroline Myss recounts in her book, “Entering the Castle,” how in a workshop she facilitated, Ninety–nine percent of the participants said they would rather have more money than increased consciousness. The group could discuss the metaphysical principle, “We are all interconnected,” but they could not make it real in their personal lives. We make it real through practice. We become more conscious when we live in congruence with our beliefs, when we act out what we speak. 

Dennis Merrit Jones describes mindful living as remembering the role we play in life. It is remembering who we are, where we are, and why we are on this journey. He refers to it as a lifestyle, being aware of Spirit in all we do. When we develop that level of awareness we are always cognizant that we are on holy ground.

Wayne Muller describes it beautifully, in his book, “a life of being, having, and doing enough,” “Being present with ourselves, making choices from our own quiet wisdom, finding sanctuary deep within us, gives birth to a beginners life, toward an unknowable destiny, on a path created by our every moment walking it. All we do is set the course for our hearts desire by the star of our own choosing, certain we will change course a thousand times before ever reaching our distant shore, the dream of our soul.” As we live in the moment and allow the voice of the divine to guide us the path becomes much easier to walk as we realize that whatever we encounter we are never alone. 


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