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Being Free

Most of us know the story of Gulliver whose ship was wrecked and he awoke on an island populated by little people who have tied him up with hundreds of small ropes. He could have broken free except the number of ropes kept him prisoner. You and I can be kept prisoner by thoughts of fear, worry, lack and limitation. 

My experience is that the big problems in our life get dealt with, a major illness, a death, a broken relationship, loss of a job are all issues we can’t avoid. It’s the small day to day issues that add up and can lead to pain and confusion.  Moving to new vistas of living must begin with us. No one can do the work for us. Ernest Holmes wrote, “The highest attitude of mind from which all else springs is one of perfect calm and absolute trust in Spirit.”

In the movie Razors Edge, Bill Murray try’s to find enlightenment by reading books. Slowly, it dawns on him that the answers he is seeking aren’t in books he needs to do what makes his life joyful and fulfilling in the moment. The answers are right where he is standing, within him. 

Joel Goldsmith tells us that to know the nature of spiritual power we must practice it. Talking about water won’t quench our thirst. We need to drink it. Spiritual power can be described to us but that won’t make it operate in our experience. We must embody it, and bring it into our experience. He wrote, “The degree of spiritual consciousness which we attain can be measured by the extent to which we relinquish our dependence on the external world of form and place our faith and confidence in something greater than ourselves.”

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