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Blessings in Disguise


It’s sometimes a challenge to find the hidden blessings in what we perceive as problems, hurdles to jump over or obstacles that keep us from experiencing something we want to happen. What if all of these problems didn’t have to be the reality of our life? What if these experiences are actually gifts that life is giving us to grow into our higher potential of who we really are? Ernest Holmes taught that when we change our thoughts we change our lives.

When we use the Universal Law and realize that the “Kingdom of God” is within, we can begin to see that any circumstance can either be a growth experience or situation that keeps us stuck in fear which will only attract more of the same. Situations may appear to be negative but as humans we put on labels based on past experiences, our own filters and conditioning. It can sometimes feel like we are stuck in a prison with no options, but the truth is we build the prisons in our own mind.

We have the key to freedom but at times we just don’t see it. When we learn to go through challenges in a more mindful way, we can begin to see every situation as a blessing and be grateful for the experience. Recently I read an interview with someone who had been diagnosed with HIV, at first he saw it as a death sentence. Today, he says he would not trade the experience as it has taught him to live his life with integrity and to always live from his heart. For him HIV was truly a blessing in disguise.

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