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The Challenge of Faith

Margaret Paul tells us, that when people say, “Have faith,” it means know that we are always guided for our highest good, that even in tough times we have not been abandoned.  

John Powell writes about a young man named Tommy who was a student in his theology class. Tommy was quite a pain as he was an atheist and always questioning. After graduation Tommy got cancer. He told Powell that in opening his heart to love, God found him, and because of that he would die a happy man.  

Ernest Holmes taught that we encounter God, “In the center of our own being, in the quiet of the evening, in the stillness of the night, at the dawn of the new day, and in the midst of activity.”  In other words there can be no place we are where God is not.

Years ago I wrote a piece about a man dreaming and having a conversation with God. Here is a part of it. “You know even as a little kid I believed in you. I sometimes think I did better by you than you did by me. A little loyalty would have been nice. I prayed all the time couldn’t you hear me? I heard my son. And I cried with you. But you know I don’t intervene in human affairs. But while you were crying I embraced you and I surrounded you with compassion and caring. Listen to me. Sometimes life hurts, and sometimes you humans feel alone, but you never are. I am always here, right by your side. Next time you start to feel down about life remember if I didn’t love you, you wouldn’t be here. Remember too what you teach; there are no victims.”

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