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In the Abundant Flow


Abundance does not mean things, or money, or possessions. It is about accessing all the joy, beauty and wholeness that are present in the universe.   Prosperity is a state of mind not a condition we seek to achieve. The late Mike Todd once said, “I’ve been broke many times but I’ve never been poor.”  Jesus said, “Seek the Kingdom of Heaven within.” To me he was telling us there is one source in the universe and that is Spirit, not your job, not your clients just God.

When we are seeking to bring more abundance into our life we begin by taking responsibility for our thoughts. We eliminate ideas of lack, fear, and limitation. Something that is much easier to say than to do, particularly if we have been taught all of our lives that we aren’t deserving of the good that Spirit provides for us. Ernest Holmes reminds us, “To acquire a larger consciousness is no easy task. All that we have believed in which contradicts the perfect whole must be dropped from our thought.”  Through the practice of prayer, meditation, using affirmations, and visioning we can move beyond old beliefs that no longer serve us. It takes time, dedication, and perseverance but the results are well worth the effort.      

In his book, Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth tells us, “The goal should not be to make money or acquire things, but to achieve a consciousness through which the substance will flow forth when and if you need it.” In other words we must be so connected to God that we need not even ask because as a need arises in our life it will be automatically filled. The only thing that limits us is our own belief system. If you are having difficulty in your life sit down in a quiet space with a pen and paper and ask yourself the question, “What belief is limiting me?” Wait for an answer and see what happens. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

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