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Exception or Example

Is Jesus the great exception or the great example?  If we see Jesus as the great exception all we can do is look upon his life and declare how great it was. We can admire his consciousness and be awed by the life he led. However if we view Jesus as the great example we can strive to imitate his deeds and live as he did. We too can become the Christ as we recognize our oneness with Spirit and see sacredness wherever we are and in whatever we are doing.

Jesus did not come to earth with his consciousness fully orbed. He worked at becoming the Christ, he prayed, he meditated, and he spent time in contemplation. It was after he committed to a spiritual practice that he evolved into Jesus the Christ. That same path is open to you and me. When we practice daily we too can become spiritually powerful. We can become examples to our community of what a spiritually dedicated person can become.

When we rise above our egos and rely on the Spirit within we see and experience life differently. We may still face difficulties but we recognize we are not alone. We see barriers as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than as life beating us down. We make choices and take responsibility for them rather than crying, “Why me?” or moving into blaming or shaming. 

Joel Goldsmith reminds us that as long as we look to people and situations for peace we won’t find it. We can’t put our faith in form. We can enjoy the form but we must put our faith in that which created the form, our invisible source. Our life’s conditions are determined by the state of our consciousness; all the great spiritual teachers knew this. When we come to know this truth and live it our lives are transformed. 

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