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I Am Filled with Confidence and Security


Ernest Holmes wrote, “Deep within the consciousness of each of us there is a center of peace and security where troubles and accidents do not occur, where truth and love reign supreme, where good is the only power. It is to this center we go in the silence of our own minds to commune daily with the Spirit that is both around us and within us.”   We are all bigger than anything that can happen to us. No matter what happens in the world what matters most is what happens in our mind.

There is a banner in our home titled, “HAPPINESS. What happens to you does not matter. What you become through these experiences is significant. This is the true meaning of life.” Some of us become hard and angry when pain enters our life. Some move beyond the pain and seek the lessons in every experience we encounter. Pain forces us to look within. Where else can we go? Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel, wrote, “Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” We have everything we need in the present moment to be joyful and peaceful. It’s all here, nothing is missing.

People and experiences will never bring us lasting peace. Our consciousness, not external conditions, determine the quality of our life.  We create our world and we are responsible for what we create. There is no time that we are not at choice. Even when we feel the most overwhelmed and defeated by life we still have choices. We can fall down and give in to difficulties or we can choose to move within and find peace. Michael Beckwith reminds us that when life is difficult we can ask ourselves, “What quality can I cultivate to shift this circumstance? What skills am I being called to develop? What would life have me do here?  Answering these questions we come to realize we are back in control of our lives. There are no victims.   


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