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Healing Power

Our mind is a powerful tool.  Dr Lisa Rankin says when we believe we can heal our self very often we can. For years the medical community has been proving it with the use of placebos. Very often patients who participate in clinical studies have been healed when they have been given nothing more than, sugar pills, saline injections or fake surgery. Dr. Rankin says if you believe what you have is incurable it is, once you believe healing is possible it is. 

Recently I read that a study at Berkley has shown that feeling “awe” has an effect on our health. It can protect us from chronic disease and even affect our life expectancy. Experiencing awe can also improve our heart health. 

Two weeks ago I had an accident and broke a rib. It is one of the most painful experiences I have ever had. The physician in the emergency room told me there wasn’t much I could do but it would heal in six weeks. Two days later I went to my own physician who also said it would take six weeks to heal. So, when anyone asks me how long I will be in pain I say, “six weeks” even though I know it doesn’t have to take that long. I saw this quote a few weeks ago, “A diagnosis is an opinion not a prediction. The diagnosis is cancer what that means remains to be seen.” I have been trying to change it to, “the diagnosis is a broken rib. What that means remains to be seen.” 

The lessons on healing can be summed up by the Buddha who declared liberation isn’t about manifesting wealth or winning friends. It’s about attaining peace, joy and wisdom, all of which do not depend on any external condition. It’s all an inside job. 

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