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Living Courageously

At one time or another life challenges all of us. In fact, sometimes events can feel unbearable. Yet, you and I always have the ability to turn from this human experience and remember there is a higher truth.
Pain can make us stronger, and can teach us lessons. We can gain new insight into the importance of loving relationships and friendships. Simple pleasures we may have taken for granted can take on a greater meaning; things like a sunset, a walk in the rain, freshly fallen snow.
Salmon swimming upstream to spawn and die seem driven by an inner guide. We too have an inner guide; the prophet Elijah called it, “That still small voice.” When we take the time to pause and listen to it and live in the moment we can become clear about our inner direction, and when we are clear about that we can have the courage to move with or against the crowd because we are confident we are walking the path we are called to travel.
Lama Surya Das reminds us that heroes aren’t just people who take physical risks. Heroes are people who face up to whatever life is showing them. They don’t run from their fears. Rachel Remen writes about her uncle who won a medal for bravery in WWII when she told him how proud she was of him for being so brave and fearing nothing he told her he was never so scared in his life. Being brave does not mean there is no fear. It means being afraid and doing it anyway.
Gregg Braden teaches us that our job is to look for reasons to believe in ourselves. When we do, we release a limiting belief from the past and we heal our beliefs . The Buddha reminds us, “Your work is to discover your world, and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” This week take some time to move into a quiet space and listen for “That still small voice,” you may be amazed at where it leads you.

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