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Pour Your Self in Me


Ernest Holmes reminds us we are the center of power in our tomorrow. He asks, “Who has ever seen the power or intelligence that converts bread, potatoes and meat into finger nails yet here they are.” So, when we speak about spiritual power we are talking about something that is real. Our only part is to allow the power to operate through us.

God is always available to us. We need to open ourselves to fully receive. When we release attachments about how things should be we become channels for Spirit to pour forth It’s good. Mary Morrissey writes about a congregant who lost her job and was feeling depressed and lonely. She heard about a singles pot luck but decided not to go. Yet a voice kept telling her to attend. Finally she gave in to the voice and wound up seated next to a man who was looking for someone with her skill set. When she opened herself to the voice she was led to the perfect outcome.

When we practice the presence we move into the divine flow and feel It’s magnificence working through us. The flow is constant, if there are times we feel outside It’s influence it is because we have moved. One way to recapture our sense of oneness with Spirit is to repeat this wonderful affirmation that Eric Butterworth provides for us, “I am a child of the universe, established eternally in the healing stream. I am strengthened, renewed, restored and made whole in every way.”

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