Praying to God or Praying from God


Most of us grew up believing in and praying to a God who was “out there” separate and apart from us. When we pray from God we pray from a consciousness of oneness because God is all in all.

There are many methods of prayer, beads, chants, prayers of petition, contemplative prayer and on and on. While I don’t believe there is one right way to pray, I personally believe that prayer is a way to align myself with God, recognition of my oneness with the divine presence. In Jesus’ time he was considered a radical. His message was God loves all of us, it is not just in one holy place, it is within you and you can have a personal relationship with God if you desire it. What seems so natural to many of us was heresy in his day.

Inyat Kahn, a Sufi teacher wrote, “Prayer from the depth and prayer from the surface are two prayers. One can utter what Christ called “vain repetitions”.  Just repeating the prayer one does not fix one’s mind on the meaning of the prayer. If the depth of one’s heart has heard the prayer, God has heard it.” One need not use fancy words or have an extensive vocabulary to pray effectively. All one needs is faith and a willingness to embrace a presence that is closer than we can ever appreciate. Caroline Myss puts it beautifully, “Though prayers can be simple their power and mystery are not. Prayer unites your conscious self and your soul with God.  Several years ago I came upon a simple prayer that so moved me I had it laminated and I keep it on my desk as a reminder of what my role in life is about. Understanding the suffering is beyond me. Understanding the healing is too. But in this moment I am here. Use me.”

When we pray we change our consciousness. We don’t change God. We don’t need to beg or plead. As Ernest Holmes reminds us, “God isn’t a God of moods. If God ever answered prayer, He always answers prayer.”  So, next time you are hurting or felling alone, pause for a moment and have a heart to heart conversation with the divinity that Jesus called Abba and see what happens. You just might be amazed.    


About revrgfox

Rev. Ron Fox serves as the minister of the Center for Spiritual Living-Space Coast in Rockledge, Florida. Prior to serving in Florida, he was the minister of the Spiritual Enrichment Center in Peoria, Arizona; he has also served in Auburn and Seal Beach, California. Rev. Ron has served as an Ecclesiastical Representative, Chair of the Asilomar Planning Committee, and Chair of the UCSL Awards Committee. He is a gifted speaker and a published writer, and his inspirational style is coupled with a keen sense of humor, making him a favorite with audiences everywhere he has spoken. Rev. Ron and his wife Becky, a UCSL Practitioner, graphic designer and artist, reside in Merritt Island, Florida.

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