The Lighthouse Baby Shelter by Ron Fox

Sally holding one of the children at the orphanage.

Sally holding one of the children at the orphanage.

The Moses Basket where the babies are left.

The Moses Basket where the babies are left.

Eleanor, the owner of the orphanage holding one of the children.

Eleanor, the owner of the orphanage holding one of the children.

Dr. Paul Skok is part of Centers for Spiritual Living Global Services which sends out a newsletter where this article was featured.

Dr. Paul Skok is part of Centers for Spiritual Living Global Services which sends out a newsletter where this article was featured.

This is a story about how one person with a dream can make a difference in the lives of untold numbers of people a half a continent away. About a year ago, Sally Beattie, a lady who attends my center had an intuitive feeling that she was supposed to do something with children. Sally had no idea what it meant. A few months later she was visiting her son who lives in South Africa when he mentioned there was an orphanage just down the road. Sally knew she had to see it. When she did she fell in love. The children are adorable and were thrilled to have a new friend to play with.

In the course of several visits Sally learned that the orphanage is run by a mother and daughter team. She also was told they were running out of space. Poverty in the area is high and if parents don’t have a place to drop off babies they cannot take care of they simply throw them in the trash. So, they have a Moses Basket at the front gate where anyone can come and drop off an unwanted child. It has saved many lives. However, if there is no space the Moses Basket is of no use.

Sally’s husband is a builder. When he heard the story he told her if she could raise the funds he would return to South Africa and build an addition on the present building. He estimated it would take about $10,000. When I heard Sally’s story I offered to help her raise the funds. Our initial plan was to have a concert and silent auction at my center, and then we were challenged to think bigger.

We approached a local restaurant whose owner is very community oriented, she offered to let us have a room which seats 250-300 people. Our next question was what will we do with it? Enter Lisa Firestone. Lisa is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. She mentioned that she had a friend who was born in Africa and now lived in Texas that might want to help. After a few false starts I called him. His Name is Roland Kemokai, and he was born in Liberia. When I explained our situation to him he laughed and told me Lisa sent me to him, because that was his story too. At three months old his birth parents decided that could not afford to keep him so they took him to the garbage dump and literally threw him away. Luckily someone found him and adopted him. Roland now lives in Austin Texas where he is a successful life counselor and musician. When I asked what his speaking fees are he said “$2,000 to speak locally and $3,000 if I have to travel.” He then added, “But for this I will gift you my fee if you just get me to Florida.”

On Friday evening November 16, 2012 we had our benefit. Roland and I spoke, Lisa sang and we had a wonderful silent auction. Our goal was to raise $4,000. We beat the goal. Sally’s husband sponsored a golf tournament and Sally did some private fund raising. In all we raised about $22,000, more than enough money to build an addition that will house another twenty-five children. Since I began writing this piece I have found out that the addition has been completed and is being utilized.

It still gives me chills to think how one person’s intuition led to a dream that will benefit children in a faraway country for years to come. Children we will never know will live and have productive lives and families of their own.

Recently I read something where the author wrote there is no penalty for dreaming big, but there is a penalty for dreaming small. Sally proved that to me.

Note from Paul Skok:
Rev. Ron Fox is an amazing man. He is compassionate, energetic, loving, inspiring and committed to living and spreading the teachings of Science of Mind. As my mentor, he has been there for me through my trials and tribulations of life the past almost a year and a half, holding me in light and con-sciousness. He is a powerful spiritual leader doing his part in raising the consciousness of the planet. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to work with him and have him as my mentor.
Love, Light and Peace, Dr. Paul Joseph Skok


About revrgfox

Rev. Ron Fox serves as the minister of the Center for Spiritual Living-Space Coast in Rockledge, Florida. Prior to serving in Florida, he was the minister of the Spiritual Enrichment Center in Peoria, Arizona; he has also served in Auburn and Seal Beach, California. Rev. Ron has served as an Ecclesiastical Representative, Chair of the Asilomar Planning Committee, and Chair of the UCSL Awards Committee. He is a gifted speaker and a published writer, and his inspirational style is coupled with a keen sense of humor, making him a favorite with audiences everywhere he has spoken. Rev. Ron and his wife Becky, a UCSL Practitioner, graphic designer and artist, reside in Merritt Island, Florida.

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